sabato 23 agosto 2014

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 3

New melodic deep house mixtape with summer 2014 best songs
Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 3

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 3 opens up with the melodic, all-time tune “Not in your nature” by Benoit & Sergio, rapidly developing into a more groovy melody, “The way you look” by Bobby Love.

With the third track the melodic times are again on! We’ve got to say that Patrick Podage never goes wrong with a dance floor hit. Let’s move on and forget for 15 minutes melodic deep house songs: the mixtape gets dark sonorities thanks to a remix of Super Flu - "Jo Gurt" by Stephan Bodzin and the newest tune Karussell by the German producer Einmusik.

Time to come back to the dreaming side of deep house music with the mellifluous song “Without You” by Mahmut Orhan and “Hide out” by the Italian promising producer Marco Dassi which it make us to remind childhood and the magic world of fairy tales. A special mention deserves the ending of the mixtape: the super fresh, summer track “School time” by Lessovsky & Cucumbers. Well, school time is now finished: LET'S PARTY!

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