martedì 13 dicembre 2016

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 8

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 8

Me and MyBrother are back with a fresh mixtape to heat this cold December. By combining together hot vibes, deep but also cheerful voices and melodic synths, Deep Lounge Mixtape Volume 8 reveals to be a precious gift to put under the 2016’s Christmas tree.
And just because Christmas holidays are almost here, you can download this podcast for free on the Spooky Farm Radioshow Soundcloud page – do not forget to share this hour of melodic Deep House music with someone special!

mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 7

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 7

With Deep Lounge Mixtape vol. 7 another melodic-introspective journey has been conceived. The Vol. 7 selection aims at keeping the impeccable harmony between inner cadenced tones and mellifluous rhythms. By looking at the more melodic side there is plenty of inspiration thanks to some great examples such as Olsein Feat. Sofia Lecubarri - Lullaby Stranger, Delusion ft. Monna - Fight For Love and the opening track Le Carousel - Carousel (Phil Kieran Mix).
However, by virtue of some more acid tunes like Noir - Lumiére Brillante, Tale of Us – Astral and Mathew Jonson - The World Will Come Around the balance is not spoilt at all and surely the listener will be carried away during the one hour electronic rolling adventure.
The addition of Whilk & Misky - Clap Your Hands (Solomun Remix) represents the typical cherry on top for this mesmerizing music experience.
So, time for words is up! Now, start floating into the deep by listening to Deep Lounge Mixtape brand-new episode!

lunedì 24 agosto 2015

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 6

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 6

Through Deep Lounge Mixtape Volume 6, Me and MyBrother aim at giving a new direction to their mix series. By choosing deeper sounds and sophisticated vocals, this volume is definitely a milestone in Deep Lounge Mixtape project.
It features recent tracks, such as Dominik Eulberg's Hühnergott or DJ Tennis's remix of Sailor and I's Sweat, combined with great hits (like Maceo Plex's Solitary Dazy) and undiscovered gems (like GG & Clarian's edit of Guy Gerber's The Golden Sun and The Silver Moon).
Follow our new path – you won't regret it.

venerdì 3 aprile 2015

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 5

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 5

Deep Lounge Mixtape Volume 5 is a meditative mixture of warm synths, vocal fragments and melancholy vibes. It's well-suited for an opening DJ performance, especially if you want to slowly "warm up" your audience with refined tracks. Not only famous artists – such as Maceo Plex or Âme –  but also some interesting rising producers can be found inside Deep Lounge Mixtape Volume 5.
So, just "Close Your Eyes" and enjoy it!

sabato 3 gennaio 2015

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 4

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 4

Deep Lounge Mixtape Volume 4 is 2014's "sunset", but it's also the dawn of a new year. Gloomy melodies – Gui Boratto's remix of Window, The Finishing by Stavroz and My Invisible Romance by Gui Gerber – are wisely combined with driving rhythms – such as Just A Shot Away by The Tone Ranger and Leaving by Hein+Klein. Deep Lounge Mixtape Volume 4 has a never-ending dreamy mood that will drive you through the beginning of 2015.

sabato 23 agosto 2014

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 3

New melodic deep house mixtape with summer 2014 best songs
Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 3

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 3 opens up with the melodic, all-time tune “Not in your nature” by Benoit & Sergio, rapidly developing into a more groovy melody, “The way you look” by Bobby Love.

With the third track the melodic times are again on! We’ve got to say that Patrick Podage never goes wrong with a dance floor hit. Let’s move on and forget for 15 minutes melodic deep house songs: the mixtape gets dark sonorities thanks to a remix of Super Flu - "Jo Gurt" by Stephan Bodzin and the newest tune Karussell by the German producer Einmusik.

Time to come back to the dreaming side of deep house music with the mellifluous song “Without You” by Mahmut Orhan and “Hide out” by the Italian promising producer Marco Dassi which it make us to remind childhood and the magic world of fairy tales. A special mention deserves the ending of the mixtape: the super fresh, summer track “School time” by Lessovsky & Cucumbers. Well, school time is now finished: LET'S PARTY!

martedì 29 aprile 2014

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 2

listen to a new melodic deep house podcast
Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 2

Me and MyBrother is a fresh partnership between two brothers fascinated by Deep House Music. Their aim is to mix the best grooves and melodic voices to create a unique 1-hour Journey.

This second mixtape starts with a beautiful melodic song by Fatso called “Wren”, fading soon into a more club groove by the Great Dutch genius, Karmon, with his “Circus”. Let’s move on and it’s time to play some fresh music by motherland’s producers, Spada and Daniele Mastracci, two Italian artists we must definitely keep an eye on! Around half-hour, the session gets deeper and very smooth, thanks to two timeless tracks… but immediately, it regains its crisp rhythm with an exclusive remix by Monitor 66. And to finish, the dreamy atmospheres of “Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon” makes you thrill. What else? Just click play and get ready for Me and MyBrother’s Deep Lounge Mixtape #2.

venerdì 21 marzo 2014

Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 1

listen to a new melodic deep house session
Deep Lounge Mixtape Vol. 1

Me and MyBrother is a fresh partnership between two brothers fascinated by Deep House Music. Their aim is to mix the best grooves and melodic voices to create a unique 1-hour Journey.

In this first session, you’ll listen to some brand-new tracks which are redefining the concept of “Deep House”, along with some well-known masterpieces (such as Somebody’s Story by Solomun).

Enjoy our Mixtape #1.

venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

Deep Sensation Mix

listen to a new electronic and tech house session
PsychoPlastiks - Deep Sensation Mix

"I didn't want to mix the same boring techno tunes into a 1-hour session.

My goal was to create a Journey, in which every listener could feel different emotions.

I carefully chose these 13 tracks; above all, I focused on synths and voices.

The session starts in a dreamy and smiley mood, which gradually turns into a more dark and groomy atmosphere.

Music: it ranges from electronic, to house, to techno... Because Music is much more than one direction."

venerdì 31 maggio 2013

Episode #3

spooky farm radioshow introduces a new dark techno podcast
Konstantin Popp


In his 1 hour mix, Konstantin has played a Dark Techno session, ranging from deep and intense grooves to more "electronic funky" sonorities. Visit his Soundcloud page and you'll find lots of mixes in FREE download!


"Trentemoller - Miss You" is the beginning of our "unusual" session; we have mixed together different kinds of electronic moods, from techno to minimal to deep house. We mainly focused our attention in choosing dark voices and right synths.